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Are you interested in growing your business, enhancing your customer experience and reducing your operating costs?

Procedures are the answer, just look at some of the benefits…

Reduce learning curve and training time for new employees 

If hiring procedures are followed, you’ll be able to hire the right people for each job, and they’ll be able to follow procedures on their own without additional help.

Better training will also make your new hires more productive sooner, improving your business profitability and freeing up more of your time to run the business.

Reduce expenses and increase productivity

In businesses that lack procedures, you’ll often find that employees have their own way of handling tasks which make it difficult to scale the business. Not having documented procedures impacts your profit because you’re paying some employees more because they’re taking longer to complete certain tasks. Documenting the best way to perform a task in a procedure will allow everyone to be more efficient.

Ensure business continuity

When a key staff member leaves the company, is on vacation or not in the office for some reason, work does not have to stop. By referring to the procedures, someone else can take over the urgent tasks and do them correctly the first time.

Improve your customer experience

Because there is a standard way of dealing with customers, you will have a consistent client experience. Your company will be able to grow quickly and reduce errors and variations in your business. Your customers will have the same experience regardless of who they interact with in your business.


What we offer

In this digital age, employees expect online access to procedures. We offer a number of key features that make it easy to develop and access your procedures in a secure, password protected, environment

  • Easy to use and create procedure templates with the ability to upload documents and other files.
  • Ability to create teams and invite members.
  • Advanced search and folder features.
  • Administrator and user privileges.
  • User dashboard with key activities and what approval stages the procedures are in.
  • An ability for the administrator to approve or disapprove procedures.

We offer this and much more, but don’t take our word for it. See for yourself by trying the FREE trial.

No business risk to start today!

Take advantage of our FREE trial today! No credit card is required, and there is no obligation. Get the information out of your employee's heads and into the cloud, where it will be safe, secure, and accessible anywhere.

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